Benefits to Clinical Pilates.

There are clear benefits to Clinical Pilates: Clinical Pilates is a type of Pilates that is run by a Physiotherapist. Clinical Pilates programs are individually designed after a full musculoskeletal assessment has taken place with the physiotherapist.  Clinical Pilates programs aim to improve patients posture, core stability, strength, flexibility, balance and breathing  with a specific focus on motor control issues that may be contributing to pain or reduced function.



Benefits To Clinical Pilates 1:

Physiotherapists are highly trained in the assessment and treatment of  musculoskeletal conditions and are able to develop Pilates exercise programs that best address the patients specific needs.   The exercises chosen by our physiotherapists incorporate findings of the most recent research to enable the best possible outcome for the patient and to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Benefits To Clinical Pilates 2:

Research by physiotherapists has shown that injury and pain can affect the activation and timing of certain muscle groups and that without specific re-training muscles may not return to normal function.  Physiotherapists are best trained to educate people on the correct timing of muscles so that they can reduce pain and improve function.  All of our Physiotherapists are experienced in the use of real-time ultrasound which is used in the Clinical Pilates assessment and treatment to ensure optimal activation of core muscles.

Benefits To Clinical Pilates 3:

Poor posture is also linked to pain and muscle imbalances and is addressed in our Clinical Pilates assessment and classes.  The clinics Physiotherapists are skilled in identifying postural problems and are aware of both muscle and skeletal contributing factors that may need to be addressed.  We can select the most beneficial exercises to improve posture and advise patients on helpful strategies at work and at home.




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