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Barre Pilates at Q Pilates. 

We offer Barre classes at our Indooroopilly and Jindalee studios. Many people do not know what Barre is all about. So here are some common questions answered for you. Come along, give it a try and see if it’s something for you! 


  • Is it a new fad? 

Actually this method of exercise is far from new. It started over 50 years ago when in 1959 Lotte Berk opened the Lotte Berk method in London. After suffering a back injury, she combined her ballet barre training with rehabilitative therapy. In 1971 the method was introduced to the United states by Lydia Bach, one of Lotte’s students.  


  • What type of workout is Barre? 

Barre is a full body workout routine that fuses elements of ballet, pilates, yoga and sports conditioning exercises. The movements are low impact but often performed at a high intensity. The goal of a Barre class is to help you sculpt your muscles, increase strength and flexibility. 


  • What is a “Barre”? 

In ballet, the “Barre” is the wooden bar that ballerinas hold onto when doing warm up exercises.  


  • What are the benefits of Barre? 
  1. Low impact – less risk for injury on joints, tendons and ligaments 
  1. High energy – You’ll get your heart pumping with interval training. Alternate periods of moderate activity with periods of intense activity 
  1. Strength training – sculpted and toned muscles 
  1. Weight loss – due to a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise  
  1. Variety – You are not performing one movement repeatedly. Over the course of the class you’ll work your entire body head to toe using a wide variety of movements. 
  1. Fun – Motivating and energizing. 
  1. Confidence in yourself and your body 
  1. Great fusion workout – combines many disciplines 
  1. No experience required – You will get a great workout whatever your experience level 
  1. Easily modified – To accommodate injuries, weaknesses and physical challenges 
  1. More flexibility 
  1. Any age – old or young, Barre is great for everyone. You are never too old to move your body 
  1. Improved posture 
  1. More energy and vitality 
  1. Improved sleep and general well being  


  • What is a typical Barre class like? 

Most classes are choreographed to fun, upbeat music and go for 45-50 minutes. You start your class with a warm up, an upper body work out usually using light hand weights, strength and interval training at the barre focusing on legs and glutes, an abdominal section, followed by a short cool down/stretch.  


  • What equipment will I use? 

The Barre, light hand weight, balls, resistance bands, mats. 

Shoes are not worn in barre classes. Students are either barefoot, wear ballet shoes or grip socks. 


  • What if I’m not a dancer? 

It’s true that Barre was originally developed by a dancer, yet the majority of people who take Barre classes are not dancers, and never have been. You don’t need to have any dancing ability, grace or fitness to benefit. It’s called Barre because of the ballet bar that is used and the format of some of the exercises.  


Most importantly, Barre classes should be FUN. Many people become hooked due to this fun factor, and a result of their frequent barre-going is that they become stronger, slimmer and healthier.  


Barre Pilates Q Pilates



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