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Sport and the Pelvic Floor

Many women don’t cope well with strenuous exercise routines in abdominal/ core, combat and attack classes at the gym, even the LOW impact “options” within some of the Les Mills classes are really not considered “safe” for the pelvic floor in a lot of cases. Bladder weakness can be aggravated or caused through inappropriate exercise […]

The Diaphragm Why is it so important?

Yes, breathing is an important bodily function for the most obvious of reasons- to keep us alive by supplying our body’s cells with oxygen. But did you know that the muscle responsible for breathing, the diaphragm, also plays a vital role in core stability, stress control, sporting performance and management of disorders such as high […]

Bubble Butt- But how? Glut Workout!

Bubble Butt- But how? Learning what the Gluteus Muscles are and how to work them! It’s about this time of year, while squeezing into those jeans again, that we become dreadfully aware of what our butt does or doesn’t look like. Know what I’m saying? Ever thought, “My butt looks so big/saggy/flat/cellulite-y”? Well your Gluteus […]

Abs are made in the kitchen!!!

Abs are made in the Kitchen! Ever heard that phrase before? How about that a lean and toned body is achieved 30% from the gym and 70% from diet? Although there have been no randomized controlled trials exploring to what percentage flat abdominals attribute their success (or presence) to, all we have to do is […]

HIIT Pilates by Bodytone Instructor Maree

Introducing our HIIT Pilates Body Tone Instructor, Maree!   Maree has become a familiar face around the Jindalee studio, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be seeing more of her as we roll out more weekly classes this year including our new class HIIT Pilates!   If you ever chat to Maree you will […]